Sunday, September 13, 2009

211 of 365 memories....learning lessons and losing teeth

On Monday Labor day, my daughter lost her first tooth. She has had a few wiggly ones for a couple of weeks but she refuses to wiggle them, jiggle them, whatever it takes to get them to fall out, she wants NO part of it.

"They will fall out when their ready", she says.

And while, yes that's true, they also need some direction. Some (pushing) if you will. But my daughter is not a pusher and so we have been WAITING. And WAITING! Weeks people!!

Monday before the tooth popped out into my hands :) my daughter revealed a "secret".

A "secret" that she was keeping all weekend long.

A "secret" that was the answer to my question a few days early of.....Little girl what's the matter with you??

She had been an emotional wreck all weekend. At one point I thought, "should I google PMS in 7 year old?" Afraid at what I might unearth, I decided to ride out the storm. Surely she's just having a bad day, weekend, Monday.

And then came along Monday, early afternoon.

On Friday Hannah had to pull a stick for talking in her classroom.

And when she finally told us about it, it was like she just revealed that she had killed one of her brothers on purpose (not accident).

It was snot filled, tears pouring and a screaming voice, that I can only imagine sounded a lot like when I was passing my kidney stone.

She was distraught and my heart was hurt.

Not because she pulled a stick, because my little girl had had a stomach ache and was an emotional disaster for 4 days and did not tell me why!

Haven't we said we talk about EVERYTHING. No matter what, killing brothers on purpose and EVERYTHING!

But she chose not too, until it burst out of her like the 17th street canal.

After the break down was over, we talked and we talked and we cried.

She explained to me that she was upset and didn't want me to be upset. And I explained to her that not telling me something, upsets me more than the "whatever it was that she did thing".

And I let her know that me and daddy's trust is only there because she has earned it. And once it's gone, it's about as hard to get it back as it would be to swim up a stream after running 20 miles. Not impossible, but pretty darn hard.

As my daughter was pouring out her soul, I wrapped my arms and legs around her and put her into the mommy cocoon. And she just talked away. She was looking up at me and her voice was as sweet as warm honey. I absorbed every word of what she said, ever eye flutter and every exaggerated breath.

And then her tooth popped out.

For a quick second, I thought about using the Pinocchio method and saying, if you keep something from us, your teeth will fall out :)

And then I remembered that somewhere along the way, her father and I had taught her to read and to be super smart and that it probably wouldn't work.

My daughter learned her first real lesson of disappointing someone you love and she lost her first tooth all in the same afternoon.

It was like a lesson from Growing Pains, only my boys ARE SO much cuter than those Seaver boys were and my mascara was not waterproof like TV moms.

We got over it and my girl (hopefully) learned the "secret" is so much worse than the "act".

Then we had ice cream and played UNO.......

Just another day in paradise!!


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Awww...poor girl! Two major milestones!

Elizabeth said...

Sam is just like that! Hold it in until you burst!

We're working on it!

The last one? "A long time ago, like three days ago, you mentioned that I could maybe get a video game as an early birthday present. Well, I could if it was the buy one get one 1/2 off. And so I bought one, but I couldn't find one for 1/2 off. And now I wish I would have."

So, that's why you kicked the door, grumped around the house for 2 days, and cried when you spilled your Coke?

This is a great post! How's school!!!!!

The Hughes Family said...

sweet Hannah! you always have great learning experiences for us moms. thanks for always sharing and being so transparent! love you girl!

BTW, I met one seaver son this weekend. David and I got to talk to Kurt Cameron at our church. He was there with the Deeper conference.