Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This morning as I was watching Alex and our neighbors board the bus, I heard this high pitch squealing sound going on behind me. I turned to find my sleep filled eyed daughter smashing her face up against the side windows of our front door. Our dog Iris was licking her as she was doing it. A picture perfect way to start my daughters day. It gets categorized in my rolodex brain as "perfect memory". One that wasn't captured on film, it wasn't life changing it was just a, simple pleasure. Who ever coined the phrase the best things in life are free, was really a simple pleasure kind of person.

The first time you feel your newborn babies breathe on your cheek while they sleep, simple pleasure.
When your child says mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, and you finally realize they are talking to you AGAIN, and you say WHAT do you need and they respond I LOVE YOU, simple pleasure.
When your husband comes back from a business trip and the first thing he does is hold you longer and tighter just to feel you again, simple pleasure.
Having girlfriends that you laugh so hard with that you literally pee your pants and have sore cheeks the next day, simple pleasure.

I have so many perfect memories and simple pleasures and I'm thankful for EVERY last one of them.

What's some of yours??

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Elizabeth said...

You're such a great writer.

Love it!