Thursday, December 3, 2009

248 of 365 memories....I went on down to the Audubon Zoo and they ALL asked for you!!

Aubudon Zoo is by far one of my favorite places to go in New Orleans. I have memories of walking every square inch of that place. I walk in and I know exactly where to find the white tigers, the seals, the alligators. One of our very first "treats" to ourselves MANY MANY moons ago, was buying a yearly membership for me, Brian and Alex when Alex was 2 years old.

Of course our membership expanded :)
And so did the memories!!

We hadn't been to the zoo since the April before the storm (2005).
I was a little emotional walking in, I don't live here anymore.
Will it still feel the same?
I think NOT living here anymore, makes me see the beauty so much more than I ever did.

I hope you enjoy a little bit of my n'awlins......

the 3 stooges Alex, Patrick (my baby brother) and Jakob

I LOVE the white tigers!

there both taking pictures with their phones

Patrick and Hannah trying to find their happy places:)


mom, I want one of these for Christmas!!

OH never mind!!

Roman Candy!

the faces of teeth rotting :)

Every child in Southeast Louisiana has a picture of themselves on this very tree!

Monkey Hill!

hey there little lady, where have you been??

he drove 8 hours for this VERY moment!

Jakob's peeps!

can someone PLEASE remind my husband, that this is what I want for Christmas?!

white gator

she is still searching!

this is my happy place right here!

just another day in paradise

moss man LIVES!!


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Elizabeth said...

I want to go there! Fun. And it's green in Nov/Dec!

19.2 degrees here right now. oy.

So, now you've got me planning a trip. Loves it!