Friday, December 4, 2009

250 of 365 memories...and then there were three!

14 years ago, my first child was born.

14 years ago, I became the mother to a human being.

My life, my goals, my dreams were all handed to me, wrapped up in a 7 pound 11 ounce, chubby cheeked little boy.

We named you Alexander.

You are the child that made us a family.

Your father and I looked at you and knew that we would never be the same.

You laughed a lot, smiled a lot, never really had a bad day.

We were best buds from the first moment we met.

Lazy days on the sofa and long walks around the hood, just because we had nothing much to do.

No amount of money can compare to those times we had.

I look at you everyday with the same amazement as I did on that first day.

Knowing that I was chosen by God to be the mother of this incredible little creature, is not a job I have ever have taken lightly.

You my son, have made me the mother that I am today.

Your patience with the crazy old lady, your understanding that I am always going to nibble on your neck because it is just asking me too.

I have learned with you and from you.

This year your almost as tall as I am. Your voice is a little deeper. And you have started to have more freedom.

Your eyes are still as bright as ever and your always thinking of yet another crazy question to ask.

Your choices in friends, school and life have all been positive ones. Your head is planted firmly on and your ready to take on high school next year. (me not so much :)

Hand and hand your father and I will walk with you, next to you and behind you, when ever you need us to.

Happy 14th Birthday Alexander, I love you string bean!!


Elizabeth said...

And I'm bawling and Sam and Darren think it's because of Pawn Stars on the History Channel.

Beautiful. Just amazing.

Now, want to split a semi-truck order of Kleenex? I have a feeling these next few years are going to have us a little misty.

Amy said...

I stumbled across this post through blogher, and I am all teary-eyed now! My first baby, my son, will be two weeks old tomorrow. Reading this feels like a brief flash of what's to come.

How sweet and well written. I'm so glad I found this!