Wednesday, March 10, 2010

say it ain't SNOW!!!

(March 2nd 2010)

I'm really hoping at some point Mother Nature, Old Man Winter, Al Gore and Global Warming or even Brett Favre would just make up their minds! Cold weather and snow are nice in December, January and maybe a little bit of February. But when home boy starts messing with March and my freshly painted flip flop toe nails, that 's when we have a problem! The weekend before this, we had temperatures in the high 60's, sunny skies and sweaty shirts after our morning miles. Two days later.....SNOW! Craziness!

I live in the South for a reason, I like skirts and drinks on my porch a lot more than boots (all though I have to say, I have been rocking a black pair of slouch boots that are oh so delicious:) and electric heaters.

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