Saturday, July 3, 2010

maybe knitting??

I love being a blogger! What I thought was going to be just a place for me to show my family and friends back home in Louisiana what's going on in our lives, has turned into four years of keepsakes through pictures and emotions that I'm so glad I was able to share. I love being able to write about my kids, bitch about my kids and brag about my kids all in the same place. I scream with pleasurable joy when I can actually capture a moment in words that's happened in my life. Sharing the joys, the tears and the drinks is what blogging is all about to me.

In the last few weeks I've noticed a few of the blogs that I enjoy reading defending their selves in post. Explaining why something was written the way it was or why they posted a picture of themselves the way they did. Apparently some cowards "people" enjoy leaving nasty comments to woman who they don't know.
Get a hobby!! Like what are you missing in life that you need to spread your morsels of negativity around?
All 3 is my guess.

None of us on this round planet are perfect; no matter how hard we try and convince people that we are.
Constantly judging people negatively only enlightens everyone else to YOUR insecurities.
We all have weakness and we all have talents.
We also all have opinions just like we all have assholes and if their nasty you need to keep them to yourselves :)

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