Friday, October 8, 2010

Dude really, where's my car?!

This week has been one of those weeks that you, oh so dread is coming and then are, oh so happy to toast away...(excuse me while I open another bottle :)

Each day held 3 activities for 3 different kids at 3 different places and at all the same times....of course. Thursday was the cream of the crop; a very important event for the oldest boy, a very important event for the girl and 2 other almost as important events for the middle boy and the girl. With the help of neighbors and the running of a few red lights we all made it safely to our destinations.

Thursday while I was in Health and Fitness class we were discussing our chapter on stress.....

It was by all means understood and highly acknowledged by me. I had so many other places that I needed to be that day but I was there. In that classroom.
Listening to college students talk about their stress.
It was truly comical but also worth listening too.
I kept my comments to myself. Nobody wants to hear about the real world. You know the stress that doesn't include if daddy will pay the credit card bill again or if my butt REALLY does look fat in my $100 jeans (you know the ones that were on daddy's credit card)
We had to do a relaxation exercise that had as listen to mediation tapes, check heart rates and a few other things. While listening to one of the tapes, the voice said to think of a place that you have been totally comfortable in, that in the moment you wouldn't of changed one thing about.

And then it went on to breathing deep, flexing muscles, relaxing muscles and cum ba ya stuff.

In my memory bank, I went back to my kitchen at my very first house. With my daughter in her baby walker, my son Jakob playing on the floor with his Little People and my son Alex pulling a chair up to the stove to try and help me.  They were all so little, had clean finger nails, no active hormones, and had no concept of what life away from momma was.

It was flipping amazing.

In all the craziness that the three of them brought me in those days, that was truly some of my best times. I was totally in my element. And found ease in their wants.

Flash-forward um teen years later and I again love the ages of my kids, I love the journeys we have as an active family, I love the independence that my kids have grown into.

My happy place has always been circled around these 3 beings that I brought into the world.

School makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable at times. And then on the rare (and y'all I mean RARE) occasion..... I get it. Whatever the professor or student was talking about, the country that we're studying, the 20,000th formula I've had to learn, even the "dude where's my car". If for only a second, I appreciate those moments 20 fold.

My kids are my comfort. They are my cushy place to land. My daughter tells my I'm the most beautiful lady in the world and genuinely means it, my boys have told me three times in just this last week that I rock ( and like they didn't ask for money after and they weren't in trouble for anything.)

Me going to these different classes honestly doesn't bring out the best attitude in my head some days. I'm constantly reminded that I'm not good at math, I'm not good at foreign affairs and I will never be able to ace a push up, sit up, pull up and mile running test.

But even at the times that I think GIRL WHAT IN THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO YOURSELF? I always know that my comfort zone is waiting for me. And all their 20,000 things to be done.
Things that I can do blind folded :)

Hey an old ladies gotta get her props somewhere and it sure as hell ain't gonna be as a 35 year old college student!

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