Monday, November 1, 2010

The Johnson's take on the vineyards

                                                                             Kaylee (still with her newlywed glow)
                                                                                 the bride and groom

                                                                                        the beautiful view

                                                                                          open candy bar = happy kids

                                                                                        Carol and her girl

                                                                                     Hannah and Carol
                                                                                       I LOVE this lady!
                                                                                    another beautiful view

                                                                                     not bad for two old people
                                                                              hey kids can you act like you have some home training
                                                                                        THANK YOU!
                                                                                       The Johnson's
                                                                                 (man we clean up nicely)
this weekend we were invited to celebrate another milestone
 with my girlfriend Carol's family. Her son got hitched
this weekend, just 5 short months after her daughters
wedding. It has been an emotional year for her to say
the least. But she has handled it with the grace and
elegance that she has in every day life. Oh and did I
mention the alcohol doesn't hurt either :)

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