Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Alex is 12!!

On this day 12 years ago Brian and I were given the sweetest most precious miracle God has ever given us, our first child. Alexander Michael Johnson was born on December 4, 1995 at 5:56 pm. He was 7 pounds 11 ounces. He came on his own 11 days early. From the first moment I saw this child I was amazed that he was mine. He is the most beautiful thing God has ever given me. He was the sweetest baby, almost always happy. As a child he is still the same sweet boy, almost always happy!! Alex is growing into a beautiful young man, he is a wonderful role model for his brother and sister. I am amazed and a little sad(Okay I'm crying like a baby writing this!) that the time seems to be flying by. These last 12 years I have learned so much about myself, that this little person has taught me. I am so proud to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet angel. I hope you know what a true blessing you have been everyday. And always stay true to the person that you are!

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