Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Baby Pictures!

Sorry the quality of these pictures isn't the best. It's amazing the techonolgy in 12 years! The first two pictures were taken by Ms. C(Brian's mom) the first day we brought Alex home. The other ones are just one's that I thought were too cute! Go ahead and make the comments on how young we were.(We were 20 and 22) Brian and I have never had a problem with that and we would not have changed one single thing!


Heather said...

How cute! You're right - you and Brian look really young. I can't believe how long your hair was! Of course, I look at pictures of myself from 5 years ago and I think I look a lot older now. I think it's all relative! The older you get, the younger everyone else seems to look. Happy Birthday, Alex!

The Dinsmores said...