Sunday, December 9, 2007

LSU Game!

Last Saturday Brian and I took the boys to the SEC championship game(LSU vs. Tenn.)
The tickets were originally for my brother(a LSU freak) Brian and the boys. Billy couldn't get off of work long enough to make the trip from Louisiana to Georgia, so I went. I was very surprised to find that I enjoyed the game. The boys are into ALL sports, if it's on they watch it. They especially like Braves baseball and LSU football. My husband is not a sports fan(usually) but I think the boys are rubbing off on him!! They each knew how they wanted to dress for the game. They looked a little crazy but they had such a good time. LSU didn't play that well in the first half but they came together in the end and won the game. My girlfriend Lena watched Hannah for us(THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!) And Brian and I had a nice day with our boys!!

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