Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Louisiana Here We Come!!

We are heading to Louisiana on Thursday afternoon and will be there until Tuesday. It will be a short trip, normally in the summer I take the kids in for a week. Brian is coming with us...whats that you say Brian Johnson is going to Louisiana, ALERT WWL!! (I thought I would be funny for a minute.) Please send some extra prays for us for a couple of reasons 1.) this is my daddy first Father's day without his father and it's going to be rough. 2.) We all know that I adore my husband but I have gotten use to taking these Louisiana trips by myself....so pray that HE makes it back ALIVE!! 3.) just for a safe trip all around, it will be me, Brian , the kids and my grandmother traveling!! Were very excited to see everyone, ESPECIALLY MY NEPHEW CODY!! He is growing like a little weed and is the cutest thing ever. We will have plenty of pictures when we get back. Hannah and I are also SUPER EXCITED because her nanny Kerri is pregnant with her first baby, so we get to love on her very little baby belly(she's due the end of January).
I hope all you guys have a wonderful Father's day, I know some of the husbands read these crazy blogs...so Happy Father's Day to you guys. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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