Friday, June 6, 2008

One Week Down!!

too much girl stuff for me!!
Royal Rajah Ruby!! Hannah liked to say the name of the color!!

We have official ended the first week of summer!! We have been at our pool everyday, Hannah has swim practice everyday and we just stay after. We have also thrown in 2 trips to Ms. Lena's pool in there!! We've had sleep overs and swim meets. I wonder why I can't wait to put my head on that pillow every night.

We finished off the school year with straight S's and good check marks for Hannah and straight A's for Jakob. Alex's report card will be mailed to us in the next week or two!! (I will keep you posted on his, he has worked his butt off this last nine weeks in all of his advanced classes, lets see if it paid off!!)

Hannah had her practice for her recital on Tuesday, her recital is tomorrow!! She is very excited!!

It has been just a wonderful week in the Johnson house!! We play hard all year long and the summer is all about the pool and turkey sandwiches for us(its an inside joke between me and my children) I love being home with my babies for the summer, no amount of money would change that for me!!

We are hopefully going home to Louisiana next week, I want to be with my daddy for Father's Day! And that means we get to see CODY!! That little boy has no clue how much love comes from Georgia!!

Here are some pictures from Hannah's practice and also she wanted me to post our toe nails being the same color, she wanted Mimi to see this(I don't know why)!

I hope everyone is having a blessed summer like us, make some memories with those babies!!

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