Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hannah's First Dance Recital!!

A little lip gloss!!
little bittie fingers!!
maw maw and Hannah
Jungle Boogie here I come!!


3 dancing cuties!!
momma and her girl!!
Hannah and her daddy!!

go Emma go!!

seriously how cute is she!!

shake it Peyton girl!!

my baby!!

were all changed and ready to go again!!

Hannah and her trophy
daddy giving his girl pink roses!!
one lucky little girl!!
Ms. Carly, Hannah and Ms. Devan (her teachers)

Hannah's recital was at 10:00 this morning!! She look so cute and she did a great job...her first dance was her tap and it was to Jungle Boogie. The second one was her ballet and it was to Neverland!
My girlfriend Lena's daughters also danced at the same time. Emma her 3 year old did one dance...SO CUTE!! And Peyton her 9 year old did 3 dances. Peyton will join the Company dancers next year(BIG TIME)!!!
The girls got to chose where they wanted to eat after and all the "dancing cuties" decided on Chili's..Yummmmm!!

Hannah got all kinds of well wishes from Louisiana, her mimi and paw paw sent her some goodies and an outfit to wear after her performances...she was so excited to wear her new stuff!!
Thanks to everyone including the Davis's, Maw maw,Paw paw and grandma for making Hannah's recital so special!!

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The Dinsmores said...

Hannah, Congratulations on your first dance recital!!! You are positively a beautiful ballerina.