Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good Ole Mother Nature!

Last night we had some pretty bad storms move through our area pretty fast. Brian, Jakob and I went for a walk and we got caught in the storms. As we were walking back soaked to the bone, I was thinking how nice it actually was to be in the rain. The fact that it was lightning and thundering everywhere and the wind whipping things around didn't really bother me that much. And then I heard this clap of thunder and saw this streak of lightning that lit up the sky and then I was NERVOUS. We all made it home and we were fine. My cell phone is a goner, it was in my pocket and I was SOAKED!! We went in the garage and even let the kids sit in the doorway and eat the hail.
Little did I know that a woman that worked at the preschool with me, who lives about 6 blocks away in our subdivision, that lightning that lit up the sky hit her house!! Their house is a charred shell. I am not exaggerating, the kids and I went over there this afternoon to bring them a gift card and to see if we could help clean or help go through the rubble. The only thing that was salvageable they found today was some videos of her children and one box of pictures....and she was beyond thankful to have that. EVERYTHING they own is gone. They didn't have time to take anything but themselves and their animals. She said if that would of happened in the middle of the night her children probably wouldn't of made it out because it hit the back part of her house where her kids rooms are.(We saw the back part of where her house was and its not there!!)
Obviously none of you guys know her but please keep this family in your prayers. She is a very sweet woman and was just getting ready to go back to teaching full time again in 3 weeks. She lost everything she has been preparing for weeks, she lost everything....

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