Sunday, July 6, 2008

A little background on me!

My mommas parents were what I think is the perfect mix for the cooking world. My grandmother is Italian and my paw paw was Cajun French(my husband thinks we made that word up)or in other words a COON ASS.
As I have gotten older I find that most of my recipes have both of those influences in them. I LOVE pasta and bread(that would be why my backside has taken on a mind of its own) and Brian loves spicy things(that's why he likes me, I know bad joke but it was cute when he said it!)
If a recipe doesn't have the right amount of spice in it, I just tweak it a little bit to get the flavor that we like. It can also go the other way, if you don't like the spice add less.
But for goodness sake add SOMETHING!

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