Sunday, July 6, 2008

An afternoon with my boy!

This afternoon Alex and I had to go to our Bible Camp meeting. Alex will be my assistant for the next two weeks at camp!! When they handed us our class rosters and it read Teacher Heidi Johnson Assistant Alex Johnson, I had to laugh because y'all he is just growing toooooo fast! We are both very excited about meeting our kids tomorrow and starting all of our activities.
After the meeting we went to McAlisters for lunch, while we were eating we were talking about all kinds of things. Alex started talking about college(like he always does) and he asked me, what happens if I go to college and then I don't want to work? I said son why would you not want to work? He said what if I stay home with my kids like Mr. Mike(DeFusco).....I didn't even know that he knew that Mike stays home. I said well son if that is what you and your wife decide then that is what you will do. He said but what about my DEGREES!! I said what about your DEGREES, he said won't you and dad be mad if I don't use them? I said son if you have a wife that will go to work everyday and ALLOW you to stay home with your children(because I think it is a gift to do that) and that is what you want to do, then daddy and I will be as proud of you if not more to do was a very deep conversation......then he went into why don't more guys stay home and all of that stuff. So apparently Mel and Mike my son is intrigued very much by you guys and he thinks Mr. Mike being home is SUPER COOL....and for the record so do I!!

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