Sunday, August 17, 2008

Do they have a rehab program for Michael Phelps watchers?...

Hi my name is Heidi Johnson and I'm addicted to watching Michael Phelps break an Olympic record. Now that he has done it and its over, I'm looking for something to hold me over until my next hit the next Olympics!! Last week, each night I told myself I wasn't going to stay up and watch but I started to get the cold sweats and I couldn't help myself.
Now he is gone and now I am left with BEACH VOLLEYBALL....YEPPEE!

All kidding aside, Brian and I are really sad that its over. We have enjoyed watching this young man carve his name in the record books, one gold medal at a time. He seems to have his head on straight and credits his mother for much of his accomplishments (that's why I really like him :):):)

WHEN if any of my children ever make it to the Olympics, I hope our family can represent our great country the way the Phelps have, with dignity, honor and true family values!!

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I am sooo with you. I told Oz good thing he not good looking otherwise you think I was obsessed with him b/c he looks good. I just watched him and got nervous like it was my own child swimming. We need to do lunch soon.