Monday, August 18, 2008

I wanted to name this post....You know your a red neck when...

The truth is though, I don't have any red neck in me. I know that's hard for you non-Louisiana people to understand. Were mostly made up of Cajun, Italian, French, German and a little bit of Iris sprinkled in there. I do say ain't and y'all but that's just proper etiquette where I come from.

I'm sorry I am completely off of my subject.....IT'S MONDAY PEOPLE!

Jakob's jamboree was on Saturday. Thank you for the well wishes, he is feeling a lot better! He wouldn't of missed it for the world. He did really well and had a really good time!

I, on the other hand, turned into one of THOSE PARENTS.....

Which brings me to my post title. Every time he would go after one of the kids he was suppose to be going after, I would think to myself, GET HIM BABY, KNOCK HIM TO THE GROUND and felt as though I should be growling or smashing a beer can on my head...OOOOOO the horror!

I feel like I should explain myself, I only wanted him to do the knocking to the ground, so he wasn't being knocked to the ground. The growling and beer can, okay that was all for my own entertainment!

He "sacked" more people than he got "sacked". I'm using the big dog words now, Alex TRIED to explain everything to me. TRIED being the KEY word here...

Oh and he also "sacked" the quarterback and made him drop the ball, which I learned is a HUGE DEAL! I felt bad because the other boy started to cry.

Hey, don't judge me, I wanted Jakob to knock his block off but I didn't want the child to cry!!

Give me a break, I'M TRYING PEOPLE!

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Mel said...

we may have to watch one of Jakob's games just to watch you in action Heidi! :)