Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a Thought....

Why can't someone make a bar of soap or shaving gel that turns colors or sticks to the part of your leg that you forgot to shave, kind of like the mouthwashes that stick to the funk on your teeth, they have made for kids.

For us that are SHAVING CHALLENGED, this would be wonderful!!

Instead while I'm sitting in a meeting yesterday, freezing my patooties off, I rub my hand down my leg to warm it up and I have little cactus fields on my knee the side of my leg and my ankle.
This morning I try and remember all the little land mines I left behind and some new ones that have grown in but I'll be darn if I didn't miss some more!!

Ladies can I get an AMEN??

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I totally agree! Invent it you will be rich! :)