Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy 2nd b-day Emily!

Mel and her birthday girl!!

Emily and Jack!!
2 of the Johnson cuties!! (yes that is sweat on Jakob, he was schooling the dads in football)
give me those candles!!
OK, they were a little hot!
Alex always makes it all better!!

Rona and Gracie
She wanted no part of that cake!!

Will proudly showing off his daddy's hard work!!

My kids are all about cake!!

the 2 Emily's!!
The Hillman men and Alex
Hannah and Gracie!
Hannah, Gracie and Will
baby Jack.....SOOOO cute!

all 19 of us, thank GOD Mel and Mike have a big house!!
Rona, Gracie and Ron Dinsmore
Brian, Mason and Catrina Hillman
Mel, Jack, Mike and Emily DeFusco
go girls go!!

So if your keeping track, that's 2 Emily's , 2 Brian's and 2 Michael's ( one known as Mike). And 19 people that can make each other laugh and cry all in the same sentence, we are Louisiana people after all!!

After the football game, we dropped Alex's friend off and headed over to the DeFusco's house for their daughters birthday party.

We were very excited to help them celebrate her 2ND birthday. (this is our Louisiana group, that we have the game nights with)

We all have become each others extended family's here. Kind of like no matter what is going on, you make it work, so we can all be together. That's what you do for your family and that's what we do for each other.

Whenever were all together you can always count on good conversation (the inside girl talk is soooo much better than the outside boy talk) and OF COURSE GOOD FOOD!!

We all wanted to get pictures of the whole group of us, last time the kids were not in it. We did manage to get it!!

I also wanted to get individual pictures of the families, I got everyone but us and the Lipani's. Next weekend we have Maren's 1st birthday (man, where has the time gone!) so I will try again!

Thanks guys we had a great time, were so happy to get to watch all of these babies grow!!

We will see you next weekend....(Note to Lipani, I will be declining my invite if Saturday is not a win or we will be breaking open the fancy stuff on your counter! :):):):)

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