Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Past...

My (ever so patient with me father in law) took these pictures for me last year when they went back to Louisiana. I told him I would like to put some "New Orleans" pictures in my dining room and he said he would get some for me. He got a lot of good ones and it was hard for me to decide. These pictures were taken after the hurricane but these things didn't change, I can't say that for other parts. I wanted pictures that are the REAL New Orleans, the place I remembered and he got just that for me!
At the end of last year when our computer died and I lost ALL of my pictures (I'm in therapy and hoping that one day my hard drive will give me back my YEARS of pictures) I forgot all about those pictures.
Until a couple of weeks ago when I found a simple beautiful frame and thought "oh those pictures would be perfect in here".
My father in law sent them to me again and I truly do thank him for all that he did to help me bring a little bit of our past into our future!!
Here are some of the ones that he got, if you would like to see the ones I used, your going to have to, come on over.
The doors always open!!

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