Wednesday, August 13, 2008

He likes me, he really, really likes me!!

I know that I have told you all, that when I go back to Louisiana there are a few items that I stock up on while I'm there. I will spare you all the details of my "makin groceries" list. ( if your not familiar with N'Awlins terms, sorry for you) Anyway one of my items is MY FAVORITE POTATO CHIP EVER!! Zapp's Spicy Cajun Crawtators...there's nothing Organic about these bad boys and I LOVE THEM! Sharing is not an option when we get back to Georgia, I have also been known to hide a few bags before. Hey look, I'm a nice person MOST of the time. But don't be messin' with my chips!

So imagine my surprise on Monday, when my dear, sweet, ever so loving husband comes home with a bag of them for me!!

HOW, WHERE, WHEN...I was at a lost for words (it does happen occasionally). Brian then informs me they are now selling them in the vending machines at his work!!! SWEET PETER, PAUL, AND MARY, thank you GOD!! I was a little excited you could say!

Also it was nice that my husband thought about me and bought them for me :)

I've been saying for years, I'm not hard to please. Give home girl, a bag of Crawtators and a Diet Dr. Pepper and I am GOOD TO GO!!
Here is the description the Zapp's home page gives about these little beauties.....

CAJUN CRAWTATOR - The taste of a Cajun boiled seafood feast that goes crunch and your mouth goes wow. Zapp's was the first Cajun flavored anything and is still our #1 seller! Kathy Lee & Regis and Oprah Winfrey have featured Zapp's on their shows and People Magazine did a story and a picture with smoke coming out Ron Zappe's ears.

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The Dinsmores said...

I LOVE Cajun Crawtator ZAPPS! Especially with a tall glass of Coke and Ice.