Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweet Dreams!

I have to share this cute little moment with you guys....

This morning I went into Jakob's room to wake him for school and as I'm walking up to his bed, I noticed that he had a HUGE smile on his face. I thought at first he was playing like he was sleeping. As I sat on the side of his bed, he started to stir around. He really was sleeping.
When he woke up, I said baby did you have a good sleep? (I ask each one of them, this every morning and if I forget to ask they remind me!)
He said yes....
I said, Jakob what were you dreaming about, you had a HUGE smile on your face while you were sleeping. He sat up in his bed and wiped his eyes and looked at me.
My sweet boy said FISHING and FOOTBALL momma, just FISHING and FOOTBALL!!

What a way to start the day!!

I hope you guys have a Happy Tuesday......

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