Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This is when the real fun begins!

Yes that's sweat, it just kept on coming!

This is Michael, he works with Brian. He was having more fun than anyone!
we were having just a little fun!
The 2 Heidi's, from Southeast Louisiana
yes, we were talking about somebody!! If you would of seen what we did you would be too!

Yes, we were in the pool in our dresses. It was that HOTTT!
Then we realized we had all of our jewelry on!
After we met Shaq and had dinner, the dancing started. And we didn't stop until they kicked us out! It was so HOT, I can't even explain how hot it was. Stephanie and I had talked about getting in the pool after the party was over. On the way back we decided not to change and just go in like that, so that was what we did.
Our husbands just looked at each other and said "I'm so glad its not just my wife!"
After the pool, we changed our clothes and then went and did Karaoke at a hotel next door. We had such a good time hanging out with Ernie and Stephanie and all the other Coke people! It was a wonderful weekend!!

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The Dinsmores said...

What a way to top off the night!