Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First Day Of A New School Year!!

Ready for 7th grade!
waiting for the MIDDLE SCHOOL bus!!

Were off to school!!
1st grade here she comes!
looks like a good day to start 4th grade!
Monday was our first day of school. Everyone had a WONDERFUL first day, including momma. Last year on the first day Lena and I went and got Chickfila for breakfast and sat in her van and waited for our kindergartners to go on the playground, so we could see them and make sure they were playing with kids and not just having an awful day. Of course they were having a ball. This year we did good. We actually went and had breakfast at Family Tradition and then ran around and did errands. We did not stalk anyone or cry (OK maybe just a little) but none the less we did well!
Alex was SUPER excited to get his LOCKER...big timer!
Jakob was TOTALLY excited to change classes for the first time....another big timer!
Hannah was ESPECIALLY excited to read a story to her teacher all by herself...hail to the queen!
We had a great summer and are really looking forward to the BEAUTIFUL Georgia Fall season.

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