Friday, August 15, 2008

We have a Trombone player in the making!

This year Alex decided to join the band, were very excited to have him try something new. He played the guitar for a few years in Louisiana, once we moved, he didn't really want to do it anymore. Last night we had to go to his school and have him try all the instruments. When it was our turn to be helped, the gentlemen asked Alex what did he want to try (it took everything in me not to shout out whatever is the cheapest :), between the 3 of them I have written out more checks these last 2 weeks, I'm currently on Craig's list to donate a kidney or any other organ that I don't need right now)
3 instruments later, he picked the Trombone. I love the brass horns, I never said this to him until after. I wanted his decision to be his decision. I know it will take him awhile to actually play MUSIC and not just sound like he is blowing in a VERY LOUD duck call, I'm excited to watch him grow on his new adventure!

FYI.....Besides for the organs I'm donating, I'm also taking collections for MOTRIN, lots and lots of MOTRIN!!

HEADACHES here we come!!

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