Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here We Go Little Grasshopper!!

Thursday nights are always a little bit crazier than other nights in our house. The end of the week has come and everyone is READY for the weekend. Fridays are the big TEST there is a little more drama with homework.
This year Hannah has come off of the porch and joined the big dogs in the yard (no I am not 15 nor male I just thought it sounded cute!) SPELLING TEST are here for everyone....YEAH!!
It's kind of like a rite of passage, the torch has been passed down to the little, blonde, curly haired grass hopper....(I'm in a mood, sorry) I remember studying with Alex for his first test and then Jakob and now here is my baby doing the same, I can't believe were already here. Sometimes I want to yell at the top of my lungs, STOP, LET ME OFF, I want to go back and do it over again...I know that I can't and with every passing day I see them get more mature and more of the wonderful grown up they are going to be (one day).
No books or websites can prepare you for the reality of your children growing up. It is the most interesting thing I have ever witnessed and I know the journey it no where near over!

Anyway, we have been studying all week and tonight she took a practice test (just like her brothers) and she passed with flying colors!! She is super excited to take her first spelling test tomorrow and get an A. She's not settling for anything less.....we never settle for anything less than our best! (It's cheesey but it works) I love all 3 of my children's confidence, I wish when I was their ages I had some of that. Who am I kidding I wish I had some of that when I was in my 20's!!

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