Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall Break!

The kids and I have our Fall break this week!! YIPPPEEE!!!
Were so excited to be off of school!

I was going to go to Louisiana for a few days but I think were going to stay home and get some stuff done around the house.
And maybe on Friday Brian and I, might take the kids to Chattanooga, Tn. for the weekend and do some sight seeing!! Ruby Falls, Rock City, the aquarium. Sounds like fun to me!!

A few things that I am going to take advantage of this week is......

1. drinking some General Foods International coffee on my porch in the mornings! (were suppost to have BEAUTIFUL weather next week)

2. Watching my babies sleep and letting them sleep as late as they want!

3. getting caught up on some very important writing that I have been doing. Emails are fine but I love to send letters to people just because.

4. get my recipes in order!! I have things written down on little strips of paper all over the place in my cabinet. When I here something or see something, I have to write it down or it will be lost in my not so active memory forever!!


I actually do this everyday but I always like to remind myself , you know just in case I forget (remember not so active memory!)

I hope you all have a great week, with whatever you are doing!!

And don't forget to make some MEMORIES!!

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