Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Going Once!!

Last week we had the pleasure of having my family stay with us during hurricane Gustav. With that pleasure brought me many night of staying up WAY past my bedtime and feeling the pains from the Olympics all over again.....I'm sorry did you say Michael Phelps?

On Thursday morning Alex woke up with a headache and saying he just wasn't feeling very good. He still wanted to go to school (my kids never want to miss school, me on the other hand, I was always trying to find reasons to stay home, chicken pox, small pox, yellow fever, I tried them all!) So I gave him a Motrin and sent him on to school (mother of the year called, and YEAH I FAILED!) By the time I got Hannah and Jakob on their bus an hour later, my phone was ringing.

Alex- mom, it's me Alex

me- well hi Alex its me your mom!

Alex- mom really, they think I have a low fever....

me- OK, I'm coming to pick you up.

Alex- No, mom wait, can I just have more Motrin??

me- No son, if your sick you have to come home.

Alex- OK

me- (to myself) SERIOUSLY, I know I have morning breath but is it that bad!!

me- Son, just get your work and I will come and get you.

Alex- OK

He had a temperature of 99. Nothing major. He was really just having a bad headache...

On Friday, my parents left.

Alex and I stayed home from school and work and went to the doctor's.
He just has ALLERGY'S, what else is new!

Me on the other hand, yeah I was dying.....not chicken pox, small pox or yellow fever. Nope, just 7 weeks of FUNK that had taken up residents in my sinuses.

I walked out of there with Steroids- not the good kind, so please no one offer to buy them from me, A Z pack which is antibiotics and I think its way cooler to say Z pack and also some medicine that HOPEFULLY will prevent all of this crap from regrouping in my head like "The New kids on the block", I mean really what is that all about anyway?

I thought on Saturday that we were almost done with the SICKIES, well guess what?
Late Saturday night Jakob came to me and said he had a headache and when I put my hand on his head OUCHIE MOMMA, he was HOT!! 102.9....
Now that's a fever, Motrined my boy up and tucked him in with Brian and I for a little drug induced fever coma. I took him to the Minute Clinic on Sunday for a strep test, it came back negative. He felt miserable with fever all Sunday. Brian stayed home with him on Monday, he ran fever all day again. We never heard from the clinic saying the culture grew into anything else. Today he woke up with no fever (I hate to say it, like I'm jinxing it) but I'm having him rest...
Were ready to pass the Olympic Sickies torch on, were done!!

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