Tuesday, September 9, 2008

That's what I love about Sunday's!

                                        Brian and Hannah make deals with each other ALL THE TIME!! The one that they do all the time is, if you rub me then I will rub you. My husband and my daughter want to be rubbed or massaged ALL THE TIME!! When Hannah was a baby Brian would rub her legs when her eczema became inflamed. With that little bit of rubbing, he created a monster!! She is her daddy's girl! Well on Sunday Brian said he needed his legs stretched and Hannah was very willing!!
She is always willing, when she knows she is getting pay back!!
Some kind of way it went from this nice little stretch and rub session, to head stands on momma's bed!
Yes this is the story of my LIFE!!
Jakob had his second dose of Motrin in this picture, he was feeling GOOD!!
He is talented just like his PAW!!
 Sorry girls he is taken, but be on the look out for his muscle man 09 calendar!!

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Jakob looks just like his daddy! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!