Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Houston We Have Hormones!!

For the past couple of weeks, something has been a little different about Alex. He has been a little mouthy, which is not like him at all. And if I'm being honest, he has just been a little poop head! I told Brian over the weekend, I think he is getting a little hormonal, Brian thought I was crazy. I think he thinks that it's only girls that get that way. I'm sure my husband didn't have any of these feelings when he was growing up....YEAH RIGHT!!

Well today all of my motherly feelings came true. (And if I did work full time I would be giving them my notice, today)

This is what went down.....

Alex -called me from the neighbors house and asked if he could talk to Jakob to apologize to him.

Me - apologize for what?

Alex - for saying he couldn't come to Blake's.

Me - what?? (I was totally not following along)

Alex - mom he just made me mad and I need to talk to him.

Me - well son he is still outside and he doesn't look like he is worried (Jakob was in the middle of head butting a soccer ball to someone, he was not worried !)

Alex - well mom I would really like to talk to him!

Me - well then you need to come home.

Alex - OK

So my son, my first born walks into the house. I was upstairs and he called my name. I could here it in his voice, this was not going to be pretty. (It was like someone was saying to me, ladies and gentlemen please buckle your seat belts and if you have any narcotics with you, please dispense them into your mouth now, this ride is going to get a little bumpy!)

My almost 13 year old child, who has slowly started to transform into a (dare I say it) teenager, walks into my room and says my life is officially over!

me- (seat belt buckled) Why son what is wrong?

Alex - Jakob told everyone in the lot (we have an empty lot on our street, that all the kids in the neighborhood play in) that all me and Blake do is play Pokemon video games!!!

me - (narcotics dispensed...I WISH) And that is a bad thing because, why?

Alex - Mom, if the kids at school find out, then we will be done for!!!!!!!!!!

me- (trying to hold back my laughter and make him think that I am taking this as serious as it is) Done for meaning, their going to take you out with sharp objects or done for meaning you will have to wear the Scarlett letter?

Alex- Mom, Pokemon is not cool in 7th grade!!

me - (the ride is getting HELLA bumpy) then why do you play it?

Alex - because I like it...

me - then what is the problem??

By this time his trickle of tears have turned into WATERFALLS!!

Alex - I don't know what's the problem, I just know that they think it's not cool!

me - since when did WE start caring about what other people think.

Alex - well I don't, but Blake said that we are done for!!

Of course this turned into an hour long cry fest and me explaining to my boy that he might be being just a little irrational about this and that it is OK because it's just his hormones ( I was expecting him to try and rip out my tongue just for saying that). But instead he actually AGREED with me!!

He did think he was feeling differently and didn't know what was going on.....(see Brian told you soooo!!!)

We had a really good talk and I informed him that I would be here with him every step of the way, through this.(surprisingly he didn't start crying again)

I know from personal experience I used my early teens to pull far away from my parents and do somethings that I'm not proud of and I am going to do everything humanly possible to not let that happen with my boy.(Basically it will happen over my DEAD body)

The whole kicker to this story was Alex was more upset that he thought he hurt his brothers feelings, by telling him he couldn't go with him to his friends. (he really is a sweet boy)

So, I'm buckled in for the long haul!! And excepting narcotic donations as we speak :):):)


The Dinsmores said...

I must be hormonal too, because I cried when I read this post. I feel for Alex. Oh, the angst of teenagers.

Mel said...

I hope Alex doesn't read your blog. I am not sure he will be thrilled about you posting on this topic. He might be "done for" all over again! Seriously though I still remember all the times that I screamed those words to my parents. God I hated being a teenager!


Alex is such a sweet boy and you are doing a great job mom!

Mason said...

I was a perfect teenager.

(rolls eyes)