Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The art of "I'm sorry"

One thing that I have no problem doing is apologizing.
I have to share this little story with you guys....

A few weeks ago when we were in Louisiana, I bit my oldest sons head off one morning for something, that honestly wasn't worth me biting his head off for.

Unfortunately with him being the oldest he is and always will be my Guinea pig. He is the first to do everything and with that I'm experiencing things for the first time with him. That doesn't mean that by any means he should get the short end of the stick but I feel like sometimes he does.

This morning though, I told him to do something and I didn't think he was moving fast enough and I went off for a second.
After, I thought to myself, what in the world did you just do??

I needed a time out.

And I took one.

After we left where we were, I asked Brian to stop at the gas station and to please go in and get me a Diet Dr. Pepper (my drug of choice :) He could see that I was upset and graciously stopped for me.
I asked Alex to step out of the car so we could talk.

I then explained to him that I had no reason to react the way I did and that he didn't do anything wrong. I was the one who was wrong.
I told him that even mommies make silly choices in the way we react to things and I truly was sorry.

He told me it was OK and we hugged and he helped me wipe my mascara off of my face, man he really is AWESOME!

After we got home from our trip, Alex and I were sitting outside one afternoon and he asked me "if I get sad when we go into Louisiana?"

"No, not anymore, why do you ask?"

"Because it seems like you can't relax when were there", he tells me.
(Funny thing is, I thought that I did relax there because I am so comfortable there .)

I'm also not a relaxing girl, I always feel like there is something that needs to be done. I like to stay busy.....

"Well I never thought about that before, but next time we go in, I'll try, " I said.

"And I'll try to move faster next time", he said.

I bumped my shoulder into his and said," I really was sorry for the way I acted".

he bumped me back and said,"I know".

And so we agreed, sitting in our driveway on a chilly Georgia night, that we always say "I'm sorry" when were wrong. And that maybe, just maybe his momma will relax (place your bets) and he will get the lead out :)


Denise said...

This is really sweet. Your post just shows how close you are. I love it!

BTW> lovin' the new winter look on the blog!


WOW! You had alot of catching up today. Looks like a great thanksgiving and you Tree looks so pretty.

I'm sure Alex is so thankful for a momma who is quick to apologize. I am always trying to work on that myself!