Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SEC game

me and my hubby at some fancy hotel bar, where our age was definitely showing :)
This is really why I love him, his FASHION SENSE!!
We woke up to a sea of maroon and white (Alabama) and blue and orange (Florida)
pretty cool view
another view from our hotel window
they had all the college teams posted on the wall, the boys had to get a LSU picture
they stood out like a sore thumb, but I was proud of them for showing their team spirit!! (Jakob's shirt was under his sweatshirt)
my boys!
me and my boys
This weekend we were invited to attend the SEC championship game, again this year.
Last year LSU was in it, so of course Brian wanted to take the boys to it.
This year it was 2 teams that don't really mean anything to us but we were invited and who are we to turn down a FREE weekend in Atlanta.
Friday night Brian and I went to a Kick Off Party at the Georgia aquarium.
We had a nice evening ALONE (what does that word mean again?)
Then on Saturday morning we picked up the boys from Brian's parents house so they could come to the before party stuff and then the game. In the middle of the game I went back and picked up Hannah so we could meet up with the boys after the game. It was a crazy day but we had SO MUCH FUN!!
Thanks Ms. C and Mr. J for keeping our babies!! Hannah was so happy that she didn't have to sit through the game. (her words were, if its not Georgia or LSU why do I have to go?)

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