Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dancing Shoes!!

June 2008

December 2008

Tonight when I was filling up "the beast" which holds 31 gallons of gas, I wanted to seriously do a dance!! I've been wanting to do a dance for the last couple of months!

I'm amazed at the difference in just 6 short months....

I know there are different reasons, opinions, jack asses (aren't they really all the same thing?)for the drop in the price of gas, but all I know is, I'm strapping on my dancing shoes as we speak :):)


The Dinsmores said...

I was doing a little dance myself when I filled up my van for less than $30 today!!!

Lindsey's mom said...

Well in good old Palin country we are 2.45/gallon and 11/gallon in rural Alaska!!! WHY OH WHY!!!


Yeah! I was so excited to see it for 1.46 @Kroger today! WhooooooHoooooo!