Thursday, December 11, 2008

What is that??

This morning after I dropped my 2 little ones off at school, I came home and started to prepare my RED BEANS, RED BEANS!!!

I'm going to need a minute:):)

OK I'm good, I LOVE RED BEANS. EVERYTHING about them!!

But this isn't about red beans, it's about snow!! My phone started going off a little after 8 a.m (7 in Louisiana) about SNOW!!


My brother Billy sent me a message, IT'S SNOWING!!

Then my momma!! IT'S SNOWING!!

Then my brother again!

Then my momma again!

Then my daddy, "did your mother call you and tell you that it's snowing??"I love the way my daddy thinks.

Then my other brother Erik called!! Erik said, yesterday I wore shorts to school, today there is 3 inches of snow on the ground, ya gotta love Louisiana!!

Then my girlfriends!!

If you don't get what the excitement is, IT'S SNOWING in SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA!! Like real snow, not ice,......SNOW!
The real stuff hasn't happened in over 20 years there!!

My brother is sending me pictures of his house and my nephew in the snow, I can't wait to see them!!

I'll share as soon as I get them!!

I don't have any snow in Georgia today but I do have RED BEANS!!

Here's some of the pictures my brother sent me!!

Yes my brother has on shorts and flip flops, he didn't want to miss the snow!!
yep, that looks like the real stuff to me!!
I love this one!!


I'm just me... said...

How funny. Here in WV, most of us take snow for granted. I can honestly say I have never gone a winter without a real snow. More than one. By spring I will be totally sick of the white stuff! For now, Tink and I are anxiously awaiting enough snow to go sledding.

Lindsey's mom said...

Looks like fun! I was watching some of the videos on CNN of cars rolling over on the ice down that way...I take for granted how ready we are for big snows....we just keep on going..My kids are ready to go play this weekend in it...

Elizabeth said...

Did the city shut down? :)

That's amazing. We used to get dustings in Oklahoma, but nothing like this!

Your nephew's face is precious! too funny.