Monday, December 29, 2008

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

This afternoon we took the kids to the park in our neighborhood. WE meaning, me and my husband took the kids and the 2 dogs to the park TOGETHER.

I quite often take the kids to the park. And on the weekends Brian will walk Hannah over to the park to swing. But all 7 of us TOGETHER at the park, with NO REGARDS for the time, hasn't happened in a long time!

Today makes 7 straight days that we all have been home together.
And we have all made it ALIVE!!

And we are honestly sad that we only have one more week left.

It hasn't all been a bed of roses, but I would not rather be any where else in the world.

This morning while Brian was getting some work done, yes he is on vacation but really his work never stops.

What'cha gonna do?

Anyway, while he was working, we were sitting there talking about how nice the past week has been.
I told him, I wish I could come up with a way for us to make money together and we both stay home all day.

YEA, I know, good luck with that!!


back to the park......

So while the boys were playing basketball and Hannah was riding her scooter and jumping it over the dog's leashes that I was holding, I just kind of sat there and took it all in.

Before we moved, we LIVED at the park by our house. We would take our kids to the park all the time. We ALL rode bikes together every weekend. (of course in Louisiana it is FLAT ground, Georgia not so much)

We did these things together before life got in the way.

Now the weekends are, who has to be where and at what time.

I like that my kids are active and enjoy doing things.

And I'm grateful that Brian and I are able to let them be involved with the activity's they enjoy.

But when did it become so technical?

We do things in shifts now.
And I know that when you have more than 1 child, that is kind of the way it works.

But I love us all being together.

Most of my family and girlfriends just think I'm crazy and don't want to let my kids grow up. Maybe there is a little piece of truth to that, but honestly I just like us all being together.....

Tonight as I was cooking dinner (breakfast for dinner ROCKS!!) Brian was in the garage working on his and Jakob's project. Alex was on the sofa talking to his friend, Hannah was in and out with one of the neighbors and Jakob was helping me in the kitchen.
The doors were opening and closing, the phone was ringing, the dogs were up and down every time the door opened, Brian's popping his head in asking for Jakob's help....

And I have to tell you, it was music to my ears.

Were raising our kids to be kind, polite, well mannered, successful adults.
My kids growing older doesn't bother me.

But my house being quite one day, is going to kill me.

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rachael said...

i LOVE having us all together as a family, and we often choose to do just that rather than go out. my friends think i am weird :) and anytime i feel overwhelmed by the chaos, i try to remind myself that one day it won't be here and i will wish that it was.