Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My family is no where ready for "the real world" again. We have been getting projects done, eating, lounging, eating, taking nice long walks and did I mention, EATING?? (By Sunday we will be kicking and screaming for another week off! And when I say WE I mean ME :)

Our Christmas leftovers have been gone for a few days and now we've been working on cleaning out the freezer.

I have a family of 5, we eat like were a family of 10 (well at least my boys do :) and I cook like were a family of 15! So there are always leftovers in my house.

Before the holidays I start freezing things, so that way I can just defrost and not worry about anything.

Breakfast for dinner is also another easy idea and always a hit in my house.

Today we've been doing some baking for a New Year's Eve party that were going to tomorrow.

I figured since the oven was already going why not do good ole pizzas for dinner. Publix has ready made dough in the refrigerated cake section. You let it sit out for about an hour. Roll it out and add whatever toppings your family enjoys.

We make one with ham ( Boar's head deli ham), pepperonis (Applegate Farms brand), red and yellow peppers and cheese.

And one with just pepperonis and cheese.
Making pizzas is so much cheaper than ordering and my kids love to help me make them!

Tonight will be another Cranium FUN FILLED night! With pizzas and a little taste of our sweets!

Have I told you, we are SO not ready for the holidays to end :)

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