Tuesday, December 23, 2008

momma got her Christmas shoes!

This season has been a season of questions with my 9 year old son Jakob. He has heard rumors of the maybes and maybe not's when it comes to "believing" in a certain jolly ole Saint Nick.

He hasn't come to the point of "mom is this the truth?"

He has had some doubts I think, but has not vocalized much of them.

We talk about believing and the magic that lives inside of all of us. And why people choose to loose their magic.

Because you know grown up people, it is a chose.

We don't have to loose it, somewhere along the way someone said oh its not COOL to believe in this.

And us STOOPID people believed them.

Well tonight my friends, the magic that lives inside of my son, came out and its all because of a man named "Santa Claus".

We were at my grandma's assisted living place for their Christmas party and of course Santa Claus came to WOO all the old ladies!

Well after sometime my husband and my 2 sons were sitting in the Atrium just talking and joking have a good old time.
And out of the corner of my eye I see "Santa" walking over to my boys.
As I made my way to them, I could tell by my son's body language that something MAJOR was going on.
Santa was bent down just talking away to Jakob.

Jakob's eyes told a story of a little boy who just got his Christmas wish!

And his wish was to "believe" again!

After they finished their talk, Jakob turned and started scanning the room, he walked right over to me and said "mom that was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me."

And there in the Atrium my little boy told me how Santa had found him out of the crowd of people and asked him " Jakob, where would you like me to put your Red Tailed Boa?"

Mom, he knew what I wanted, EXACTLY what I wanted!
And I have been watching and I know you didn't talk to him. (they really do watch us)

And the truth is I didn't talk to Santa but maybe some of mom's elves did :)

Tonight I was given one of the best presents I have ever received.

I got another year of the magic in my little boys eyes!


Mel said...

You are GOOD! Seriously I am going to need pointers when my kids get more opinionated! Hopefully tomorrow night doesn't ruin your hard work. I am still working out the details...

Lindsey's mom said...

Perfect! My son is 6 and starting down the "believe" or not road. I talked to him about Heaven and asked him if he believes his sister is waiting for him. He said well of course! I said just because you cant see it does NOT mean it is not true! He pondered about that and agreed! You are very good though!

I'm just me... said...

That is awesome! You sneaky mom you.