Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So today is not going to be the day that I thought it would be. Last night Brian informed me that he was going into the office today to do some interviews. He has been trying to tie up some loose ends before the end of the year, but that didn't work.

So he is gone today and that's fine because I know he has to get this done.

And you know his job does pay the bills and stuff so who am I to complain :)

My husband doesn't talk much about work. He is not a complainer, sometimes he really should be, but that's just not him. He is a hard working, family man. I adore his love for me and the kids and I admire his work ethic.......

So last night I should of known that this morning wasn't going to be what I expected either. His alarm went off at 4:30, yes that's in the A.M (work ethic remember).
So then off course all of mine and Iris's "alarms" went off also. Bladders after child birth really are USELESS! I'm thinking I need to just have it removed and walk around with a catheter the rest of my life. Put my little pee pee pouch in a cute Fendi bag, sounds good right?? I might actually get a full nights sleep or EVEN, (GASP) make it through a whole movie.....I can daydream can't I?

He is up, I'm up, the dogs are up, Jakob's in my bed. (We have been playing musical beds in our house.) So as I'm trying (trying) being the key word here, to fall back to sleep. My son who I love more than life itself, is breathing and snoring right in my face. I try and turn him over to breath his dragon breath on the other side but he is a solid little thing and me well I was a tired little thing and frankly I just gave up. I put a pillow over his face and prayed his breath wouldn't take him into an everlasting slumber. I last looked at the clock around 6 something and my fire breathing child awoke at 7:15. That's pretty good for him. He bounced out of bed to see if the other two of my offspring were awake. (Hannah and Alex slept in his room, musical beds I tell you, only during the holidays)

We were going to skip swim practice today and stay in our p.j's all day but what the purpose of that now.

Oh well, back to the tick tock of a Tuesday......


Elizabeth said...

We married the same man. D's office is closed and he's there.


I guess we can't complain too much with the job market, economy, etc.

Have a Merry Christmas! You'll get your pj day!

Lindsey's mom said...

My husband works out of town 3weeks a month so we are having fun with him home. He finally has a schedule after 12 years!! He is a trucker and worked 7days/week for the longest time..I am so happy now even though he is gone for 3 weeks...

See you have swimmers also..my jesse just had his first "fun" meet. His next one is Jan 10. He is 6 and swimming the 25 free and 25 back. He JUST learned how to really swim this year...so we are having lots of fun.

Merry Christmas!!1

Lindsey's mom said...

Oh yeah
We skipped practice today also. LOL! Jesse and Dad are ice fishing right now.