Monday, December 22, 2008

13 down...

Here we go!!
that's boy!!
another little monkey!
here I am!
and yes, here is my other little monkey child!
who do you think they get it from??
why, their father of course!
I'm the non monkey Johnson!
and yes, it is as high as it looks!
yes, that's my OLD MAN!!
Will he make it??
Perfect landing!
Oh, what a feeling, when your dancing on the ceiling!
This is just
what a mother
wants to see!!
Here he goes again! Can he do it?
Yes he can!
Medium Chick Fil A tray, 2 pounds of fruit, cheese, crackers and brownies = 75.00
having your son tell you with a mouth full of junk this was his best party EVER, PRICELESS!!



That looked so fun. Where was it?
I like the idea of a chick fil a tray of nuggets. That is my kinda party!

Elizabeth said...

How fun!
We have a place like that near us. Verticle Endeavors, I think it's called. We plan to go when it really gets cold here (ha!).

My favorite picture of the lot--you and your daughter. Your eyes are exactly the same!