Monday, December 22, 2008

It's always about the tea!!

Last month sometime, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, There's Always Room For One More and Denise had be tagged with one of the silly letter games. I thought it might be fun so she gave me a letter, my letter was T.

I was suppose to think of 10 of my favorite things and explain why they are my favorite things, that started with the letter T.

Sounds easy, you say.

Well it wasn't!!

I got to 10 but it took awhile and a lot of soul searching, OK it wasn't that dramatic but it still took sometime!!

The sad thing was that she gave me this to do like before Thanksgiving and as I was cleaning off my desk this morning (you know when I couldn't go back to sleep) I found the paper that I had written everything down on.....

So I thought since I worked so hard on it (I promise Denise I did :) I would share it with you all.

TEA - of course you all had to know that. Remember my ramblings here about Chick Fil A. Sweet tea runs through my veins. It is my drug of choice and if I could I would have an IV hooked up to me at all times!
Did I mention I like me some sweet tea :)

That one was easy!

Talk - I know its hard to believe but I love to talk! When I was in school lets just say that my conduct grade was never something to be proud of :)

Togetherness - I love for Brian and I and the kids to be together. I don't know about 2 STRAIGHT weeks worth but all in all I love our togetherness time.

Time - I always tell the kids use your "time" wisely. But in that same sentence tell them, if you don't have to, don't live by the time.
Today, not one of us, worried about the time and man was that nice :)

Tootsies - not those little brown things that are wrapped like a sausage.
Toes and my kids feet. I love my kids toes. When they were little I would always kiss there tootsies and rub their tootsies.
Now Alex's "tootsies" are the same size as mine and Jakob's cute little stinky feet aren't so cute anymore.

Toenail Polish - I love to have my toenails polished!!

Treats - Who doesn't love treats?? I especially love to send unexpected treats. HMMM, that gives me an idea!!

Turkey - Especially Boar's Head Oven gold, MMM MMM Good!!

Tuna - I love tuna fish!! When Brian and I were first married, we lived off of tuna and peanut butter and jelly!! Those were the good ole days :)

And last but certainly not least is....

Thanksgiving - This is my FAVORITE holiday. There is no present pressure.
It's the only day that eating a whole cherry pie after you've already consumed a 2000 calorie meal, is OK.
And it's a day that hopefully, everyone is stopping and giving thanks for their families, their friends, their health, their dogs or just thankful they woke up that morning. There's ALWAYS something to be thankful for!

So that's my 10 things.

Now I'm going to spend some togetherness time and talk to my daughter about toenail polish and painting her tootsies. Then we will have a treat of tea and tuna. And then talk about once again, how good our turkey was at Thanksgiving!!

Do you want to play ???

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