Friday, December 12, 2008

more of our wonderful weekend (last weekend)

Atlanta is a HUGE Coke place. That's why were here, in case you didn't know we were relocated from Louisiana to Georgia through my husbands work (Coca- Cola). So yes we also LOVE COKE!! On Friday night when Brian and I were walking over to the Aquarium for the party we noticed the Coke holiday truck parked by the Coke museum (makes sense doesn't it). Do you know what the holiday truck is? You know that commercial where the town is dark and the Coca- Cola truck, rolls through town and everything lights up and then the song starts "The Holidays are coming, The Holidays Are Coming!! I know you all are singing with me right now :)
So Saturday night we walked over by the Aquarium and the Coke museum with the kids to see all the twinkle lights and the Coca- Cola truck.
Of course Hannah LOVED it.
Alex was like yea this is great (I'm totally joking)
And Jakob was threatening that he was getting frost bite, well next maybe he will listen to me when I say don't try and beat the musical fountain when its 30 something degrees outside!!

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