Sunday, December 28, 2008

mother of the year, gone again!

Friday when we all went out to do our after Christmas shopping my 9 year old son made his opinion known that he did not want to shop.

I explained to him in a ever so motherly tone, that it was a tough life that he leads and he would have to get over it, DEAR!

We were shopping!

Brian and Jakob are working on a project together and all he wanted to do was go to Home Depot get their project stuff and go home.

Brian told him we would get the stuff after we finished what WE the adults had to do.

We made it to the first store, Old Navy and he started asking questions.....

What do we need to get from here?

Who really likes this store?

I was trying to keep my cool and not lose my mind at the same time.

Jakob has been in a funky mood lately, you would think that he is the one who is going through puberty. But he is not, he is just being a little poo poo head and frankly I'm sick of it!

And my actions were about to show it.

After we finished at Old Navy, we told the kids we were going to Kohl's, then lunch, then Home Depot. We told them this as we were walking next door to Kohl's and my son thought we said "The Home Store". I saw his face and I knew that his head was about to explode, I was a little ways in front of him and could not get to him.

I thought you said we were going to Home Depot after lunch, who wants to go to The Home Store!?? ANYWAY!

And in that second, I became that mother...

You know, the one that you stare at when she is dragging her child to the side of the building because you think she is going to beat him and you want to make sure she does because you heard the way he was speaking to his parents.

Yes, that was me!!

No I didn't beat him, but I did remind him that I had no problem with doing it, right here and right now!

I did tell him that I didn't know who he thought he was, but he was never given any special privileges to speak to us that way....

And if he wanted to continue speaking and standing up right he better get over his mood!! AND FAST!! Because my patience were DONE!

He stood there staring at me.....



Now do you want to tell me what is wrong with you?

Nothing is wrong, I just want to do what I want to do.

And we just want to do what we want to do. And since we don't ask you all to do this kind of stuff very often, why are you acting like this?

I don't know!!

So are we done acting like a poo poo head? (I know it's not the best terms but poo poo head was the best I could come up with!)

Yes I am.....

And after that he was like a different child.

He was trying to push the limits and see how far he could go. Normally I nip this kind of behavior in the bud right away but I was trying to see if he would work it out himself. And well he didn't...

The funny part is (I know it's all funny to you all) as I'm standing there with my child by myself (Brian and the other 2 kids had walked away, of course) I heard my name twice. As I was done and everyone was checking out the scene to see if I had left any body parts on the ground. I here....Hi Ms. Heidi. Hi there Ms. Heidi.

It was 1 of my kids from last years preschool class and one of my kids from this year.

They got to witness Ms. Heidi loosing her cool BIG TIME!!

After Kohl's when went to have lunch, Jakob asked me who the 2 kids were.

He then said mom, I'm sorry.

For what son? (Expecting him to say because of the way he was acting)

I'm sorry that I was talking to you all that way and I'm sorry that those kids are going to think your crazy now.

Well at least he was sorry!

He really is a little poo poo head :)

But he's my poo poo head!

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Elizabeth said...

This is exactly why you're Mother of the Year! Because you care enough to make sure your son is a respectful person.

Aren't you glad he apologized?

You also are human. And I love the Poo Poo Head comment. So funny!

I think we've entered the most difficult years for parenting. Wasn't it easier when you could just say, "No hitting." "Pick up your toys." Now we have to worry about the big stuff!!

Hang in there. Thinking of you and still LOL at the Poo Poo Head!