Monday, December 15, 2008

My kids LOVE hotels.
I know all kids love hotels but my kids REALLY love hotels.
I on the other hand have watched far to many 60 minutes and Dateline specials to love hotels.
The comforters freak me out (they are taken off and balled up in the corner IMMEDIATELY) and yes I bring my own sheets. Call me what you want but people I don't know where these sheets have been and I SURELY don't know where the people that are sleeping on these sheets have been. That's just to much UNKNOWN for me!! When we were packing up to go home after our fun trip to Atalanta (that sounds funny seeing as though we only live 30 minutes away), the kids keep saying just one more night PLEASE!! Sad but true we had to go back home and sleep in our own beds on our own SHEETS!!


I'm just me... said...

Thank God! I thought I was the only person who does this sort of thing. I take a can of lysol and lysol the entire place too. Hubbs thinks I am totally crazy because of this. What can I say?

Viv said...

We always want our own pillows when we are travelling in the car or van, but I admit we leave them home when flying because it's just too hard! I'm totally with you about worrying over those sheets, though--I'm just too lazy to do anything about it! ;)

Viv, from Cool Moms Rule!

Hey, thanks for putting my blog down as one you enjoy reading, by the way! That just brightened my day. I have you on my blogroll, too!