Monday, December 15, 2008

That's All Folks!

Alex was a PRO!!

go Jakey go!

dry your eyes pretty girl

down she goes # 216

getting some help from daddy

I love this place!!

look at my girl!

let me help you brother, while I laugh at you (of course)

dancing to her favorite Christmas carol, Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

We went back to the ice skating rink on Sunday morning and was pleasantly surprised to see only about 6 people in line waiting for the rink to open. We waited a short 20 minutes, had skates (or are they called blades?) they had the skates with blades on them on and was ready to fall skate. In North Carolina 3 years ago we took the kids ice skating and I fell on my tail bone so hard that I thought I fractured it, so momma and her tail bone stayed off the ice :)
We had some tears in the beginning but everyone ended up having a blast!!! When our 90 minute session was over, the kids were trying to figure out when we could come back! I would say I good time was had by the Johnson kids.....

these trees were ABSOLUTELY beautiful outside in the park and of course the 3 kids weren't to bad either :)

that's all folks!!

Thanks Mr. Todd for our fun SEC weekend!

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Denise said...

Oh, that looks so much fun! Jenna has never been ice skating and is begging me to take her. But I kind of have a bad back so I'm worried that I'll hurt myself if I get out there with her. I might have to bribe her older brothers!