Thursday, December 25, 2008

One Perfect Day....

Today has been such a nice relaxing day for us, it has been one of our best Christmas's yet.

That's probaly hard for some people to understand because we were not with all of our extended family.

Everyone was in Louisiana this year, except for us and my grandmother.

My in laws decided to spend the week of Christmas and New Years's in Louisiana with Brian's brother this year. I know that's also hard for people to understand. My girlfriend told me the other day, I can't keep the grandparents away and your's, their leaving the grandkids, how did that happen? My answer is, ask them :)

This was our 4th Christmas in Georgia and I think we have finally REALLY started to appreciate the joy of a quite Christmas. When we lived in Louisiana, we would leave our house shortly after my kids finished opening their presents and would not return home until MUCH later in the evening. We had fun and enjoyed being with everyone and really never knew anything different.
Now I can't imagine going back to the craziness that was before.

We decided this year that we were going to go to the show in the evening and see a movie that was just opening. That seemed to be the perfect ending to a perect day!

Did I miss my family today? Yes, of course I did, more than I could ever express.

But did I enjoy having this one ever so special day to enjoy my kids and their beautiful faces even more? Yes, more than I can ever express.

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