Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas 2008 Fun!

It didn't stay quite for long!!
The night vision goggles were a hit!
Hannah and her new Leapster!
the boys setting their new watches!
look at my picture daddy!
just in case you thought Jakob got the love of reptiles from me, well you were wrong...
he is starting a fashion trend!
of course Santa didn't forget about Iris and Lola
his was so EXCITED about the snake!!!
the aftermath
let the fun BEGIN!!
daddy caught me and my dancing partner

We all had a wonderful day on Christmas. The kids all got what they asked for and they also got to stay in their p.j.'s until late in the evening. We had my grandmother over for dinner. After our bellies were BEYOND full, we met the Dinsmore's at the show and saw "Bedtime Stories". It was a cute movie and the kids thought it was HILARIOUS!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

FYI- I know the questions are going to start about the snake.
Jakob received a Red Tailed Boa from Santa.
The snake is a little over 4 feet long and yes it will get bigger.
Yes it will be staying in his room, in a cage. (He already has a snake in his room in another cage).
My husband has had snakes since he was a little boy and has taught my sons all they need to know about, RESPECTING these animals and CARING for them.

No it doesn't bother me and no I'm not crazy.....


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