Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pink Piggie

An Atlanta Tradition
These poor babies get no love from the big kids!!
Alex will be a certified babysitter in the summer!
He really is HORRIBLE with kids!!
Gracie and Hannah
Emily and Hannah
Catrina, Mason and Rona
I think our group took up most of the train!!
my goofy boys!!
I got to hold the sleeping Jack the whole time!! Alex was jealous :)
trying to get a group picture!!
she got a baby piggie!!
To finish off our ever so crazy weekend, we took the kids to the Macy's Pink Pig ride at Lenox mall. This is a HUGE deal in Atlanta. (Kind of like what Mr. Bingle was in New Orleans), man I miss that little snow creature. Anyway it was fun because we got to share the experience with our New Orleans gang. My kids got to play with the babies, which they LOVE so very much! And we had a really nice Sunday together.......


Denise said...

This looks like so much fun! I'm not sure I could get my big boys on the pig. You can tell that all the kids were having an awesome time though!

Mel said...

Some would read the line about getting to hold Jack the whole time as sarcasm....like it was a chore and you got stuck doing it. What they don't realize is that I couldn't have pried him out of your arms if I tried! Thanks for the extra hands.