Monday, January 12, 2009

11 of 365 memories....(Hannah's Sunday pick)

Being from New Orleans and also being Catholic, the Fleur de lis has always been a special symbol to me. Before Katrina (in case your new, hurricane Katrina), the symbol was something that meant Saints football, it represented the Blessed Mother and the Holy Trinity, yes I was raised around old school Catholic women. At one time it was also the symbol for French Royal's. My paw paw was as cajun french as you can get. (Some people refer to it as a coon ass or a creole.) So if you here me talk about myself in the third person or ask my kids to bow before speaking to me, please don't correct me it's just my royal highness ness coming out :)

After the hurricane, the Fleur de lis became a symbol of hope. It was like a little flickering light in the distance that we all could recognize. The fleur de lis is a recognizable sign to those of us, who are far away from home as well as those that were trying to rebuild and go back. The city had a visual symbol of New Orleans to hold close to their hearts. The Fleur de lis became a unspeakable common ground for all those who love the big easy.

I remember after the storm when we arrived in Georgia when ever I would see someone with a Fleur de lis shirt or a magnet on their car, I wanted to run up to them and hug them, hold them. And just........I know, I know.

Now a days it seems they are EVERYWHERE. And I'm very particular about my Fleur de lis (my girlfriend Lena knows I get a little nutty about this subject). Sometimes it's hard to share but just like I have taught my children, I know that I have to.

Anyway, this picture is of 3 Fleur de lis decorative balls that I found at Hobby Lobby in November. I fell in love with them at first sight. They represent my 3 Louisiana babies. I used them at Christmas time and decided (with the help of my decoraters, Lena and my 6 year old daughter.....insert laughter here), that we are going to keep them out all year long.

I hope that you get a chance and click on the links. You will learn a little (that's always a good thing.....RIGHT??) and you can get a better understanding for something that is so special to us N'awlins people.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm sitting here downloading music for my iPod for our trip, and you're just making me cry and cry! Your latest posts are so heart felt! Go girl!

I can't imagine experiencing that storm. I remember feeling so helpless. That sending in money, water, food, clothing, etc was not enough. I wanted to help, to act, to go down there and work and I couldn't.

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that such a thing could happen in our great country.

Many blessings to you!

Hubs and I want to visit New Orleans (we've never been--I know, THE SHAME!)